UV and Anti-Graffiti rated films for challenging environmentsThe Ultimate Exterior film. Time may pass but the quality remains.



Versaetch-EXT is a multi-layer film. The top layer is a polyvinylidene fluoride film (PVDF), the second one of transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and the base film of pigmented PMMA. Infrared-reflecting pigments in the base film reduce heat build-up of substrate below. 












The following video highlights the durability and strength of the Versatech anti grafitti film enabling easy maintenance on exterior applications.




After a massive 25 000 hours in an XENOTEST – Slight loss of gloss but no chalking or other adverse effects

Comparable pre-painted coil sample after 2000 hours

Result – STUNNING! Far exceeds painted material

Versatch Walnut V Sample 

Left: Original, Right: 25.000 h

Greyscale - Left: 5, Right: 3-4

Versatech Silver Sample

Left: Original, Right: 25.000 h

Greyscale - Left: 5, Right: 4

Significant loss of gloss and chalking visible - Left: Original, Right: 2000 h

Salt Spray Testing

Independant Salt Spray testing for 2000 hours provided a stunning result that far exceeded pre-painted metals - Over 50% gloss retention



Versatech-EXT film far outperforms commonly used pre-painted materials in both UV and Salt Spray tests.



Zinc base - G300 standard


Aluminium or Stainless Steel on request

Gauge (steel base)

We stock 0.55, 0.75 and 0.9mm base metal thicknesses


*This is the BMT of the steel. The film is additional to this. 
Length / Width (sheets)

Standard is 2400 x 1200

*Custom lengths are available on request 
Coil supply

Up to 2.5 tonnes

Mass (steel base) 0.55mm = 4.60 kg (217 sq. metre / tonne)

0.75mm = 6.163 kg (162 sq. metre / tonne)

1.00mm = 8.132 kg (123 sq. metre / tonne)

Lineal meter tonne at 1200mm wide

(steel base)

0.55mm - 185.70 l/m

0.75mm - 136.80 l/m

0.90mm - 113.40 l/m

Film Thickness 0.15 – 0.2mm typical depending on specific film and emboss level Service Temperature

Max continuous   80ºC

Intermittent          100ºC
UV Coating and Weatherability

PVDF layer (transparent)


Accelerated testing after 25 000 hours. Result – Excellent with minimal fading, no chalking.

Far outperforms painted materials

(see pictures and further data below)


Standard Test Method: EN 513 – method 1

The non-sacrificial PVDF top layer provides a very low surface tension that will continue to repel graffiti time after time and allow effortless removal.



For this purpose use cleaning agent: Graffinet Plexiclean from EAG - (or Versatech)
Heat Reflective PMMA base layer has heat reflective properties to help reduce the substrate temperature Salt Spray

Independent accelerated testing after 2000 hours


Result – Excellent with no deterioration or adverse effects


Far out performs painted materials

(see pictures and further data below)
Adhesion to substrate To AS2728 - A to D rating min Adhesive Proprietary which combines flexibility with high temperature and humidity resistance

Due to the excellent chemical resistance of the PVDF coating the EXT films are resistant to most organic acids and bases, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and halogenated solvents and building materials e.g. cement, gypsum. With the exception of fluorine, our film is also resistant to halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine).

Not resistant to high polar organic solvents (e.g. acetone, ethyl acetate, dimethlyforamamide, dimethylactamide), fuming, sulphuric acid, amines and basic liquids with pH>12. Please take into account that the chemical compatibility is strongly dependent on time, temperature, concentration, chemical condition and state of aggregation of the substance. Please be careful near any cut edges of the film e.g. welded corners, as the film is unprotected in the cross section. Side penetration of chemicals cannot be excluded.

Fire Properties Tested to AS1530. 3 Ignitability Index: 0 Spread of flame: 0 Heat evolved index: 0 Smoke developed index: 5 Electrical Resistance 200-300 volts per 25um of film thickness

Abrasion Resistance



Tested to ISO 105-X12 - Grade 5

Household Chemical and Solvent resistance



Contact Versatech if you have a specific chemical or solvent request

Can be folded, roll formed, guillotined, drilled, deep drawn, punched and lock seamed.


Form at a min substrate temperature of 24 deg to avoid any possible stress whitening on tight bends

Can be joined by using a variety of techniques including:

     -          Mechanical fixing

     -          Adhesive bonding

     -          Snitching

     -          Clinching

     -          Specialised welding techniques